About Us

We started Paper and Chain because we wanted to create pieces of jewellery that we felt weren’t available to us at a price we could afford. We wanted interesting unique pieces that had simplicity, edginess and elegance along with a reasonable price tag.

We have been friends for over twenty years, and have always wanted to create something special together. Now, we’re bringing together our skills (Naomi studied Jewellery and Silversmithing and Ismay studied Fine Art) and our passion for design, craft and fashion to create Paper and Chain.

We design everything together, and then each piece is made and finished by hand in our workshop. We share a joint vision of making beautiful, simple and unique jewellery. It’s delicate and feminine but at the same time not overly girly, and its simplicity and elegance mean it can be worn for all sorts of occasions.

We think jewellery is something to be treasured, coveted, and given in celebration which is why keeping our prices at a reasonable cost is important to us. We want to give people the opportunity to own a special piece of their own or get an interesting and unusual gift for a friend.