We’re on Instagram!


We have joined the highly addictive world of instagram! Are you on there? Follow us @paperandchain. And if you don’t have the app, you can still see our photos here.

These are our new Catena bracelet colours by the way- four new summery shades! Which is your favourite? I’m leaning towards baby blue, or maybe lilac. Oh they’re all pretty! They will be in the shop really soon.



Introducing Our Brand New Collection

We’re so excited to share our brand new collection! The Capella collection is inspired by beauty and love and above all, DIAMONDS! The first two necklaces in our new collection are based around a super cute diamond shape. Yeah, okay, they’re not real diamonds, but who needs those anyway?


So, here you have it, the Trilogy and the Solitaire. I think these necklaces are just SO pretty! I hope you love them as much as we do. We¬†will be adding to the collection in the next few months, so keep an eye out! With Valentine’s day coming up perhaps you could nudge your other half into making a little romantic purchase, and what could be more romantic than a diamond necklace? Oh and by the way, our Catena leather bracelet is now available in a very romantic red.


We wanted to say thank you so much for all of your support since we opened our shop! We’ve been very busy making and packaging your orders. If you’ve received an order from us already and you’d like us to know what you think about it, you can drop us a little¬†line on our facebook page. Or even better, you could take a photo of yourself in the jewellery and post that on our page! We would love that.

In the mean time we really wanted to share with you all of the photos that we took when we did our photoshoot for the collections. Our lovely friends Nicki and Hazel were kind enough to model for us (we may have bribed them with jewellery and cake) and we had a great time taking them so felt we should let you have a proper look!


Hello! So, our shop is officially open! We’re so excited to share everything with you.

We decided to set up this blog to share any Paper & Chain news with you, pretty photos, inspiration posts and all sorts of who knows what. If you don’t know, we are Ismay and Naomi, and we’ve been best friends for twenty years, and now we’re starting this jewellery company together. There’s more info on our ‘About Us’ page if you’d like to know more.

To start us off we’d like to share some photos from the process of making our first collections:


We’ve been working together on this for about a year, and dreaming about it for much longer. We really hope you enjoy looking around our site.