Nicole Scherzinger X Factor

It’s safe to say the night Nicole wore our jewellery on the X Factor was pretty exciting, and we were glued to our screens! She looked absolutely gorgeous and we were so happy to see that she wore quite a few of our pieces with different outfits.



Nicole wearing a huge stack of Vega rings with a couple of Auxo rings mixed in.




She wore our silver Auxo Stud earrings with this outfit.



nicole-scherzinger-x-factor-jewellery-paper-and-chainLook at that stack of Vega rings!

nicole-scherzinger-x-factor-jewelleryNicole in the silver Chevron necklace.


Thanks Nicole, and thanks superstar stylist Madeleine Bowden for hooking us up. Love it.

Nicole Scherzinger on X Factor: Get The Look

Are you watching The X Factor tonight? You might spot a little bit of Paper and Chain! We love Nicole’s look for bootcamp this week. Big hair and delicate silver jewellery, it’s a good look. NICOLE-SCHERZINGER-Jewellery-X-Factor-Get-the-look-

Get Nicole’s look: 1. Our silver Chevron Necklace £25 | 2. Satin Crepe Trousers from Topshop | 3. ASOS Bralet £22.50

We will be glued to the show, we might have to pause every time we catch a glimpse of our jewellery. It’s such an exciting time for us!

Nicole Scherzinger wears our jewellery on X Factor

I think you can probably imagine how excited we are about this. The absolute dream babe and our not-so-secret girl crush Nicole Scherzinger wore our jewellery for the filming of the X Factor bootcamp.Nicole-Scherzinger-X-Factor-Jewellery-Paper-&-Chain

Nicole with Vega rings on her third finger and pinky. So close to Gary Barlow.

Nicole wearing a stack of Vega rings in gold, rose gold, and silver.


Nicole Instagrammed this photo of her wearing our silver Chevron necklace (below)


Look! Nicole’s wearing a big old stack of our Vega rings, in gold, silver, and rose gold. Nicole apparently LOVED the rose gold. A girl after our own hearts. In the middle photo (taken from Nicole’s Instagram) you can see Nicole looking pretty damn fabulous or ‘schamazing’ or whatever Nicole would say in our silver Chevron necklace. We’re not quite sure how a real life person manages to look so perfect all the time but we are so extremely flattered that she chose our jewellery to complete her look. We’re saying goodbye to having a life on Saturday nights from now on, waiting patiently to see our jewellery on PRIME TIME TV! So exciting.